My Story

Andrew G Gatto

I began this endeavor in 2000 when I had the good fortune of being offered freelance work for a major publisher in Philadelphia. In those early years, I spent much of my time working other jobs to make ends meet while I built up my client list. At last, around 2004, I was getting enough work to end the side jobs and focus on doing what I love to do full time.

The predominant scope of my business is working with a company’s art and digital directors when they need someone to complete work in a timely and efficient manner, whether it be creative work from scratch or production work, such as producing book mechanicals or reprints based on a printer’s provided specifications. Additionally, I do things that don’t fall into specific categories, like repairing/rebuilding old book covers, archival scanning, or producing marketing files based on a publisher’s website specifications. On occasion, I produce kiosk materials for trade shows and conferences based on the specs the company’s choice of printer provides.

It can be said that I have an unorthodox way of doing things. Many folks in my field are highly interested going after the big jobs, or work that is more in-tune with an accolade driven process. That has never been my style. I am more interested in staying busy, and therefore, I always try to immerse myself in things like production work (reprints, scanning, etc...) until work of a larger scope comes along. Further, I am always interested in exploring and learning new things, and have been pretty successful at learning something on the fly when someone needs something done.

Much of the Political work I do is rapid response work. Over the years, I’ve gone through the tough task of becoming lightning fast in coming up with a concept, creating a proof, and producing the final series of ads. These days, I’ve come to pride myself on my speed. Although, it is nice to slow down with a nice glacially paced book cover from time to time.

As always, my main goal is to keep things relatively small and manageable with my clients. To me, building good relationships and working with people I like and care about is as critical to me as generating revenue.

I am dedicated to providing the best possible outcome with any project, large or small and going through the process as pleasantly as possible. Should problems arise, I am always ready to do what is needed to rectify the situation.

A summary of the work I do is as follows:

Progressive Political Advertising:
Social Media and Web Ad Production • Direct Mail • Billboard Artwork Production • Brochure Design • Production Work • Magazine Ad Design • Illustration
Book Cover Design • Frontmatter Creation • Reprint Production • Social Media and Web Ad Production • Direct Mail • Brochure Design • Archival Scanning and Image Cleanup • Illustration

On a personal note, I live in a small house with a big back yard in Quakertown, PA with my wife, a public school English teacher, and our magical and unbearably lovely autistic daughter. We have two cats that I am not on speaking terms with and a 17-year-old Chihuahua that talks my ear off all day.

My office is in my home and my office hours are whenever my phone rings until the job is done— outside of taking our daughter to her many and various appointments, of course.